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Love Body Woman Books

Would you like to know how you can bring more energy back into your day? Into your life? Find out how inside 'Energise Your Life'. Learn how you can fill your shopping trolley with lots of delicious and nutritious foods inside 'How to Find Healthy Food at Your Local Supermarket'. Books for every day life.

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Words of a Woman Poems

I have always loved to write. And, over the last 6 months I have allowed myself to go deep within to acknowledge all of the pain and torment I have felt over the many years of my life. Those feelings have expressed themselves into these poems. These words are for you, too. I hope you find some comfort and connection.

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Stories of She

The Stories of She are about a Universal woman. She is you. She is me. She is all women. She is sharing her deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings, and how she is healing her Self from her emotional and mental pain. Be there with her (as she is with you) in her personal and spiritual discovery for unconditional love.

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Kelly is the Founder of Love Body Woman. She established Love Body Woman as a way to show women they are more than what their body looks like.

After suffering depression and a food addiction for many years she finally realised there was more to her than this.

To you. To all women.

That’s when the work on herself began. She quickly discovered the joy of Listening to the Woman within, Learning who she truly is and Loving every single part of herself again.

She reclaimed her passion for writing and took back her power as a tough, capable, inspired and creative woman.

Love Body Woman is that for you too. Reclaiming who you already are and never apologising for it.

She uses her voice to encourage you to use yours. In your own beautiful and unique way.

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