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Raising Love Podcast

A weekly podcast Raising love within women as they create their most beautiful life. We talk about health, movement, nutrition, life, love, body image, our feelings, mindset, forgiveness, gratitude, our dreams, our reality, our love stories and so much more. Raising Love within yourself as only you can

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Positively You Program

What if you LOVED yourself more? LOVED your body more? LOVED your life more? What if you listened to the woman within, learned who you truly are and loved every single part of you again? The Positively You Program is a 6 weeks of lessons to empower and transform for the rest of your life.

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Love Body Woman Books

Would you like to know how you can bring more energy back into your day? Into your life? Find out how inside 'Energise Your Life'. Learn how you can fill your shopping trolley with lots of delicious and nutritious foods inside 'How to Find Healthy Food at Your Local Supermarket'. Books for every day life.

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Meet Kelly

Kelly is a LOVE body Mentor.

She uses the 4 pillars of Holistic Health (Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions) to transform women from within as they create a life where they feel free to LOVE themselves and their bodies again.

And, most importantly, feel HAPPY with who they are.

She has a passion for raising love within women so they can feel empowered to LISTEN, LEARN and LOVE their most inspired and beautiful SELF.

Would you like a FREE sample of the Positively You Program?

Investing in a course or a program can be daunting. What if I don’t like it? What if I have wasted my money? What if I never actually do it?

Any kind of program has it’s fears. Especially one claiming to empower you and transform you in a way that may seem impossible.

Which is why I would love for you to try the first module of the Positively You Program for FREE. Your LOVE story. Explore your NOW story and your NEW story. Re-write them to what YOU want them to be.

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