15 Reasons Why it's Not Your Weight Making You Unhappy.

Part Three

Do you keep saying to yourself “I am unhappy with my weight?”


Well, if you’re tired of feeling unhappy about your weight then this blog post is for you!

I want to share with you 15 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Weight Making You Unhappy.

Welcome back to 15 reasons why it isn’t your weight making you unhappy. Part Three.

In part three of the 15 reasons why it isn’t your weight making you unhappy, I want to delve just a little bit more into you as a woman, your weight, where all of that stuff is coming from and how to release any of these 15 reasons why. The 7 external obstructions and the 8 internal obstructions that could be keeping you from finding your happiness inside of yourself and inside of your body.

Hopefully, you have read Part One (read it here) and Part Two (read it here) of the 15 reasons why it’s not your weight making you unhappy. So, what do you do about them now? Where do you go from here? Because when it comes to learning new things; we learn it, then we tend to stay where we are.

There is no movement in the direction we want to go.

I want to help you get at least a little bit of movement. It’s not going to be massive. I’m not going to ask you to do crazy things. Just something really simple. Something that I didn’t realise I, myself, was doing until l began to read books written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, in the words of Abraham. 

Their books talk about getting to a place of healing and feeling. Of getting to know your feelings and using your feelings as a guidance system.

For me, I spent decades and decades in the emotions of anger, the emotions of fear, the emotions of frustration and all of those really, really horrible feelings that I did not like being in. They kept me stuck, they kept me in this mindset and this thought process that I call the vicious vortex .

This vicious vortex is something that you find yourself in in any number of ways but you just can’t get out of it because your mind is just going and going and going.

You go from one negative thought to the next and next and next and before you know it you’re out of the pretty good place you were in and now you’re swirling around in the vicious vortex, feeling like absolute shit.

We tend to do that as women.

Especially when it comes to loving ourselves and loving our bodies. And, something as simple as eating food can send us into an absolute spiral.

And, honestly, we allow ourselves to be in that, without really knowing that we’re allowing ourselves to be in that. Because we don’t always understand it is possible to get ourselves out of that. We might not be able to make huge leaps out of it but we can at least take one little step and just start pulling ourselves out of it little by little.

I love reading. And, I love learning about who we are as humans and why we do what we do and behave the way we behave. I find the whole human race fascinating.

In the last couple of years I have devoured book after book in the hopes of learning more and more and more about what makes us tick. (Find my favourites here) It really does seem as if it all comes down to two particular humanisms.

Thought and feeling.

They go together but yet one doesn’t necessarily proceed the other. They can both lead the way.

Here's how it works...

When you think something, it will move around in your body and ignite a feeling to correspond with that thought. And visa versa. (Read The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Ester and Jerry Hicks).

The mind and body are very well connected to one another. Candace Pert spent much of her career proving and presenting this discovery.

(Read about her amazing work here)

She explained in her book Molecules of Emotion how emotions arise in the body as feelings and where they come from on a physiological level. These two view points (one spiritual and one scientific) beautifully collide to ensure there is a thorough understanding of why we feel the way we do.

Our thoughts have a huge impact on our weight. They can either drive us to a place of healing or they can drive us straight into the nearest drive-through for a meal of comfort, love, self-loathing and hate. All in an extra large serving.

We tend to believe we can’t think positive things about ourselves, that it is too impossible. It can’t be done. That we are only capable of all of that negative thinking and all that negative feeling.

I have revised this version of Part Three since I released the video (that you can see down below) to include a little of what I feel is important to share. The video was filmed before I heard about Candace Pert and her research into emotions and the “bodymind”. Plus, I have learnt so much more since then, so I wanted to share these updates with you but the video in itself still stands as a great way to use your thoughts and feelings as a way of moving out of these 15 reasons why it isn’t your weight making you unhappy.

The learning will never end and in another years time I will know even more about who we are as humans and as Divine Beings.

It is my intention to share as much of it with you as possible right here on this Love Body Woman website that I really enjoy getting creative with.


Life can suck. Family can suck. The outside world can suck.

But. Only if we allow it to. Only if we hold onto those feelings as if they are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Because, that is not the truth of it.

Your perspective on life, how you feel about ALL of it (including yourself and your body) comes into play as to whether happiness will find its way into your mind and your body.

Focus on the good things in life and more shall find their way to you. Our minds love the negative but we have a built in awareness system that can override that negativity. It pairs beautifully with your guidance system to bring you happiness in so many different ways. Weight and all!

Watch the video below (plus Parts One and Two) and use these two systems to be more aware of your life and what is causing you to remain in your pain. Causing you to stay blocked from your magical happiness.

Life will always be ever moving. You will learn more and more about yourself and life and the world and the Universe if you open yourself up to all that is out there. You don’t have to take it all.

Again, use your own personal and unique awareness and guidance systems to show you what is best for you.

Thank you so much for reading these words, beautiful. This really is a dream come true for me. I have always loved writing and now I get to do it. And, most importantly. Allow myself to do it.

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Part Three of 15 Reasons Why It Isn’t Your Weight Making You Unhappy

a collection of poems and short stories


For the Love of Me

This book came to be from every part of my life experience. Every heartache. Every hateful thought. Every self-loathing feeling about myself and my body. And, every bit of love that was denied to me and that I denied to myself. Be open to what may come to you whilst you are absorbed in the heartache, the loneliness, the sadness, the misery, the hope, the reflection, the spirit and the love in this collection of poems and short stories.

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