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Kelly is the Founder of Love Body Woman. Her work as a poet and a writer guide her to her own emotional and mental healing.

Her new life as a former food addict and a captivated human being of all things spiritual keeps her passion for the human body, the spiritual heart and all they contain well and truly alive amongst her senses.

After decades of abuse, punishment, depression and anxiety she finally realised there was more to her than this destructive behaviour. So much more to her than her obsessive thoughts and feelings about whether her body was skinny or not, sending her into the darkness of her own mind, and holding onto the belief that she would never be worthy of feeling good, of having love or of realising her long-held dreams.

Those dreams are awakening her world, bringing with them all the love and goodness she deserves.

Because life is not about how much you weigh. It is about listening to the Woman within, learning who you truly are and loving every single part of you again.

She has a passion for showing women the beautiful place they can arrive at where they feel empowered to embrace their most beautiful Self.

Love Body Woman

In her teenage years, Kelly was reticent about the person she was becoming. This was enough for her to detach herself from all she knew herself to be and all she longed to be.

She believed herself to be dumb so she stopped trying at school. She graduated high school feeling like a loser with no prospects for a brighter future.

Despite this feeling she had an underlying determination for more.

After years of travelling and nannying, she could feel a sense of something bigger stirring inside of her. This led her to becoming a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and building her own business.

Six years passed as she gave way to her determination and the feeling of doing something important.

She has not once given up completely. Only a little bit! And not all at once.

Love Body Woman is her life. It is the essence of her own Self. Bringing with it each and every part of who she is. Even the parts she once hated with a passion. She now writes about these parts with emotion and reflection as a way of healing and hopefully to help others as they heal themselves.

Pride now resides within her mind and her body owing to the chances she has taken despite such an overwhelming impulse to run away very quickly. A large number of  days have been very tough, but she knows that giving up is not for her. She must continue to build herself up and build Love Body Woman into a powerful, passionate and thought-provoking presence.

Thank you for coming along on this bumpy, windy, scary, exciting and thrilling ride.

What her love of learning has led her to acheive

love body woman
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