Are You Listening

We all have a voice worth listening to but for most of my life, I believed mine was insignificant. Not worthy. Boring. Stupid.

I wanted to be heard. We all long to be heard to have our voice loved and respected for the words it produces.

Now is the time for mine to speak up and to speak out.

Is it your time, too? Are you ready to be heard with love? Are you ready to speak with love?

Share with us if you are ready to.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.


Can you hear me? I ask to the people out there
Are you listening to the words I really want to share

Ears are pricked at the ready, as I begin to speak
Are you listening? I think to myself, feeling weak

These words stuck inside me, they’re ready to get out
I need to break the silence. Forgive me, I am ready to shout

The lack of love for myself has been holding me back
I am here to release all that’s in me. It’s time to unpack

Take them out
Hear me shout
Lend me your ears til I’m done

Hear my voice
Let’s rejoice
I have finally begun

You’ll be glad you heard these words. They belong to you, too
Open up, open wide, feel their love moving through

Bring them home to your soul, there they will rest
Are you listening to these words. We’re no longer repressed

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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