Cellular Love

 At the beginning of 2022, I had the urge to write poetry.

Something I had only dabbled with in high school.

Cellular Love is the first poem I wrote as an adult as I had given up writing when I was a teenager because I didn’t believe in myself.

It’s fun and silly in the way it honours the trillions of cells in my body for their hard work every day to keep me functioning and feeling great.

I thank them for that 😍

Give yours a big thank you, too.

Here’s to Cellular Love.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.

The cells of my shape bring me a love ever deep
The deepness within is so full of mystique

Day by day your love grows strong, evermore
To know all you do, I will never be sure

In each tiny one love abounds in full flight
Your love for me rises up with so much delight

I can never express, how I feel deep inside
For you show me love. It reaches far, it reaches wide

Forever I am grateful you love me so dear
As I give back to you what is abundantly clear

We are one, we are many in this body of love
A love for this body that will always rise above

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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