For the Love of Me

Love is something we all long for. From someone else. A partner. A lover. A parent. Our kids.

What if, the most important love you can ever receive is the love from yourself?

For the love of me is a poem about taking the big leap into your own love. Knowing that YOUR love is always there for you. And it always has been.

Acknowledging your own love can be scary. Especially when love has been withheld from those closest to you. It’s hard to love yourself when it feels as though no one has shown you how.

When you dismiss your own love because of how others treated you. Convincing you to believe your own love was wrong or bad.

That was never the case. It isn’t now, either.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.

For the love of me, where are you now?
I need to find you, it’s time to avow

You’ve been missing too long, an inward shadow
Playing it safe, I can’t leave the shallow

I wanted to look for you, reach into the depths
Too scared to take such uncertain steps

You speak gently to me, reminding me you’re there
Its not easy to listen, purposefully unaware

There is much to hear, yet I cannot comprehend
What is said to me, is it only pretend?

With the loving words you offer to me
I must disown them at once, for I do not agree

Cause its been said before by many a someone
That I am merely not worthy, not even a one

I’m not good enough, not deserving, a nobody at best
So I lived in that knowing, apathetically depressed

Down under the shallows I felt your presence
This fraction of me pulsating pure essence

For the love of me disappeared so very long ago
I trapped it within til there was nothing more to show

A tentative step out into the deep
I hold my breath as I take the big leap

Diving further and further down into my Self
I’m no longer afraid of this feeling withheld

Floating around in the wonder that is eternally me
I realise my own love can now set me free

For the love of me is so powerful in its persuasion
I will never again lock you up in confined isolation

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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