Healthy food to fill your trolley

By Kelly Connolly

As a woman, and a mum, who really enjoys grocery shopping every week; the Nutritionist in me saw a need for a simple guide for how to find healthy food in your local supermarket.

With literally thousands of products on the supermarket shelves, it can be challenging and time-consuming to figure out which foods are healthy and which foods are only pretending to be healthy.

Knowing what to buy is important to your health and the health of the ones you love.

Learn how you can fill your shopping trolley with lots of delicious and nutritious foods inside ‘How to Find Healthy Food at Your Local Supermarket’.

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Healthy foods to choose from
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About Kelly

Kelly is a poet, a writer, a former food addict and captivated by all things spiritual. Her passion for the human body, the spiritual heart and all they contain guides her to her own emotional and mental healing.

Decades of abuse and punishment for not being skinny led her into the darkness of her own mind. Believing she would never be worthy of feeling good, of love or of realising her long-held dreams.

Those dreams are awakening her world, bringing with them all the love and goodness she deserves.

Because life is not about how much you weigh. It is about listening to the Woman within, learning who you truly are and loving every single part of you again.

She has a passion for showing women the beautiful place they can arrive at where they feel empowered to embrace their most beautiful Self.

"Everything you put into your mouth will have an effect on your health. In either a good way or a bad way. The choice is yours"
Kelly Connolly

Only $6.66

Find Healthy Food in Your Local Supermarket
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