How to turn toxic thoughts into kind & loving thoughts

How many of your thoughts during the day would you say are toxic?

It would be hard to count them all but would it be more than 50%? 70%? Less than 20%? Not a clue?

Have you ever actually stopped to consider your thoughts and what they actually are?

I am going to take a guess and say probably not. For most of us, taking a long hard look at what words and language we use inside our heads isn’t high on the to-do list. Much of what we think has been with us for years, even decades. The same story going round and round. The same single thoughts swirling through your mind like a never ending snow storm.

What was your last thought? Really think about it. What did you tell yourself 5 minutes ago?

Did you say to yourself. “I’m hopeless”? Did you say “I’m worthless”? Maybe you got angry with yourself because you couldn’t do something, it didn’t turn out perfectly so your topic thoughts began to swirl? Or you kept quiet when you should have stood up for yourself and now you are beating yourself up.

We have a worldwide toxic thoughts crisis causing us to hate who we are and there are way too many people waiting to pounce and help us to believe we are ugly, fat, worthless, not enough, stupid, gullible, mindless, meaningless, irrelevant and a complete loser. All to sell us a useless cream, a meal in a shake, a new dress and an unobtainable lifestyle leaving us feeling even more awful about ourselves because we don’t meet the expectations.

It is bloody exhausting.

We are wasting too much hating ourselves and wallowing in our own toxic waste land inside our minds.

This world is beautiful if only we could clean out the waste and look through fresh eyes.

If I think back to when my thoughts turned toxic I would guess I was about 9 or 10. My parents split up when I was 9 and from then I began to turn inwards and felt I only had myself to rely on. I basically raised myself. Once I started high school everything turned even more toxic until I was swimming in toxic waste every day.

I began to put on weight and I ended up becoming very overweight. Dare I even say obese. I hated who I was and there was no one to talk to about how I felt. This lead to more toxic waste being dumped inside my mind. I became depressed and I stayed in this toxic state for about 30 years.

30 years...

I want to cry when I read that. 30 years of my life hating who I was. Not allowing myself to enjoy the amazing life I had. Yes, a lot of it sucked but life is what you make it. If there is one major life lesson I have learnt over the last few years it is that we all get to decide how to live our life. And it begins in the mind.

Toxic thoughts = toxic life
Happy thoughts = happy life

Which one sounds great to you?

Which life are you living right now? If it is the toxic life then I can say, hand on my heart, that you have it inside of you to live that happy life I hope you are dreaming about.

Stop dreaming. Start living.

The only way to live the life you want is to start living it. Don’t wait until tomorrow or until you lose weight or you get that job or you find a partner or your hair is different or your clothes are different or your teeth are whiter. DO IT NOW!

I can hear your excuses already. I know. I have had them.

But, I don’t have enough money. But, I don’t look like her. But, I don’t think I am smart enough. But, I don’t know how. But, But , But….

This is where clearing out the toxic thoughts is really important.

This is my toxic thought clearing process:

We all have choices in this world and those little choices we make every day impact our life. Even if you feel you aren’t ready for the big leap, I strongly urge you to put on your shoes and jump. Or at least take a step forward. One foot in front of the other and before you know it you are in a new place. Do you want to be stuck where you are forever or do you want to take that first step outside into the unknown and have Faith you are now moving in a new and wonderful direction? The choice is yours

Think about the life you want to live, the person you desire to be and write it all down. Do not worry about anyone else’s perception of you, what you believe others think you should be. This is about YOU. Who YOU want to be. Allow your true self, your soul, to do the writing.

When you have finished writing. Read what you wrote. Do not judge yourself for what you have written. If you allowed your inner voice, your soul to shine through then this is the person waiting to blossom.

One amazing weeding trick is to reverse your toxic thought. When you think something toxic stop yourself and say “thank you for your input but I don’t think like that any more”. Weed those toxic thoughts out and make room for your new seeds of love.

Now it is time to get ready to plant the positivity seeds. You have reversed your thoughts, now you need to replace them with something more forgiving, more loving and more kind. Affirmations are wonderful power moves to keep the loving thoughts flowing. Remind yourself why you have chosen to think such kind thoughts and believe you are a gentle soul who is on this earth to love who you are and love others as they are. We are all put here for a purpose. Some have lost their way. Help them to find it again by being loving and kind. We all deserve to be treated well.

For the rest of your life. There are going to be days when shit happens and someone pisses you off and all you want to do is scream. Allow yourself to go with it. To feel what you feel but ALWAYS be kind to yourself and to others. Don’t let those toxic thoughts creep back in because once they do they will take over and your mind will be swimming in toxicity once again.

You’ve got this. You deserve this love, happiness and peace inside your mind.

Do you believe you can do it? I truly hope there is at least a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy part of you which bevies you can.

I will give you 1 amazing reason why clearing out your toxic thoughts is going to benefit you.

  1. Your life will change dramatically. And I am NOT being dramatic. Putting into words how amazing life can be once you welcome kind and loving thoughts into your mind is not easy. but, I do have one word to sum it up…. FREE. I feel free of my past and I feel free of the torture which used to plague my mind every second of every day. There is no greater feeling. This freedom empowers me to keep going. To never give up and to make a better life for myself and my family. Especially my daughter. It terrifies me to think about her feeling so horribly about herself. It saddens me deeply to know there are so many women out there who feel the same as I did. Who might want to end it all, who cannot get off the couch because they hate themselves so much, who cover themselves up because they believed some asshole’s comment about them being ugly, who walk through this life not living their soul’s purpose as a result of toxic thoughts. We cannot do this to ourselves any more. It is your time to blossom.

The kinder we are to ourselves the less chance others have to make a toxic impact on our mind and our soul.

And, If we can be kind to one person everyday do you know what difference that can make?

Instead of helping to fill up someone’s mind with even more toxic thoughts what if you helped them to clear out the mess? What if you told someone how beautiful they looked? What if you made them feel like they were worthy? What if you offered help instead of turning your back on them? What if you listened to their story and stood in unity instead of judgement?

What if we truly and utterly believed that we can make a difference in ourselves, in others and in this beautiful world we live in?

Am I dreaming? A little. But, what a wonderful dream. Dreams turn into reality all the time. And, dreams are so much more freeing than the toxic thoughts we feed our mind.

Grow. Evolve. Blossom

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