Hungry Head. Starving Body.

Do you ever eat, even though you know in your body you don’t want to?

Do you ever eat way beyond what your body is telling you is enough?

Do you ever find yourself wandering into the kitchen to grab something to eat without even thinking about it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have a “hungry” head.

So, what do I mean by a hungry head?

Well, essentially this means you are eating with your head instead of your body.

Your food choices are coming from what’s going on inside your head rather than what your body needs.

You eat with emotion rather than by actual necessity.

See, your body knows best. It knows when it is genuinely hungry and it knows when it is completely satisfied.

But, when your mind and your emotions start infiltrating the decision-making process when it’s time to eat (or not time to eat!) that’s when those decisions, your choices, are made from more than the true hunger in your body.

They are made from your hungry head.

So, what are you actually hungry for?

And, how does all this food you’re eating lead to a starving body?

Let’s tackle the first question.

Hunger is a natural instinct. We all have the same body signals that tell us it is time to eat.

Of course, everyone is different. Some people have a much faster metabolism so they may need to eat more while others don’t feel hungry quite as much.

But, ultimately, you are going to feel hungry at some point during the day. Well, this is what is supposed to happen…

You eat, you go about your day, hours pass by and then you feel hungry again, so you eat.

And, repeat.

However, this simple way of eating has turned into a 24 hour all you can eat Buffet.

And, it is changing us. Oh, and making us fatter and sicker than ever before.

Food has changed. But we haven’t.

Physiologically our bodies have not evolved since we first started to walk upright.

We still have the same instincts we had when we had to hunt for our dinner.

There is no hunting any more. You can get on your phone at every hour of the day and order food.

Whether you really want it or not.

You might have had a huge fight with your partner and need a burger to calm your emotions.

20 minutes later, a double cheeseburger with all the fillings arrives at your door step. You didn’t even have to walk out your front door.

You might be feeling depressed or angry and the only thing that can fix it is some dirty fries, smothered in bacon and cheese. Done. On its way.

And, it took longer for the food to arrive than it did to stay out of your belly.

You know, the companies and people who are selling you these products know you are feeling emotional.

They know you are up late at night feeling shit about your life, hating who you are and just NEED to eat something to make the pain go away.

They might show you thin, beautiful, happy people in their commercials and advertisements but they KNOW there is a darker, more distressing version sitting at home hating themselves.

These foods are full of feel good chemicals that give you a false sense of love, of happiness, of fulfilment.

Do you ever go to the produce section of your supermarket and grab a bag of salad and comfort eat lettuce and carrots?

No, you don’t.

Comfort eating is fatty, sugary, salty deliciousness all wrapped up in a warm hug that is stabbing you in the back.

The grocery aisles are full of back stabbing hugs, and they are promoted week after week to draw you in and help you save money so you can buy even more.

Yes, these foods are addictive and, yes, the companies remove themselves from any responsibility because they are trading under the act of free will.

You do have free will. You are fully equipped with responsibility for your choices. You do have a choice.


But what happens when your emotions are overwhelming and all-consuming?

Where is the responsibility and the choices then?

What if you are addicted to food and you NEED food to suppress your emotions, suppress who you are and suppress your longings and desires?

Your head is hungry.

But not for food.

It is hungry for a change. It is hungry for the truth. It is hungry for the real you.

Your head, your mind, have taken over. They are calling the shots. They are in control of what you eat, when you eat and how much.

Your body doesn’t stand a chance. But your body keeps fighting.

Your body wants so badly for you to feel amazing that it talks to you. It talks to you via that pain in your knee. It talks to you via that indigestion you get every time you eat. It talks to you via that illness you can’t seem to shake.

Your mind and your body are connected.

They want to work in harmony with you.

But they can’t because you feel sad, lonely, depressed, angry, overwhelmed, unworthy.

Your body is starving because you are starving yourself of what you really need.


Your emotions rule.

They are looking for a way out. They are looking to be released.

Emotions are meant to be free. You feel them then they get to float away.

When they get stuck in your body, your body begins to starve because your body is now deprived of its nourishment. Your emotions are sucking the life out of you from the inside out.

Now, emotions are not bad. They just are. As I said, they are meant to be felt and then let go.

Your emotions are a driving force. And they are driving you to the nearest fast food restaurant or grocery store. Or driving you to the kitchen. Or driving you to order more food to be delivered to your home.

And, you know. You know that after you eat this food you will feel sick, guilty and ashamed of yourself.

It is a never ending circle. Your emotions have won again.

But, what if I told you your emotions do not have to win again? That they do not have to drive you to another guilt-induced meal? That your emotions are simply there to help you in the moment but then they want you to say goodbye?

Would you believe it IS possible to free yourself from your hungry head?

It’s time.

Time, beautiful, to reconnect your mind and your body to one another and release the emotions that are stuck inside you.

It’s time to love and nourish them both.

Because those comfort foods you use to fill you up, both physically and emotionally, are keeping your body from being its best. They are keeping YOU from being your best.

And, that best is fucken amazing.

No more starving your body of precious nutrients. No more starving your body of love. No more starving your body of what it truly needs.


I speak from experience here. I was a food addict. I was addicted to my self-destructive emotions and I was addicted to the food I used to suppress them.

I didn’t believe I had any control over myself.

I truly thought I would be like that forever because that was who I was.

I was a fat, angry, unworthy woman who didn’t deserve any better.

I ate the hate for too long. And, I hated what I ate.

Food was the enemy and I was in a war everyday.

But, now…

3 years later, I am in control of what I eat and what eats me.

I still have shitty days but I am aware of my emotions and what the cause of them is. I deal with my emotions as best I can without suppressing them with food.

I feel amazing and I want to share with you a few ways I have released myself from my hungry head.


This needs to be the first step in your hungry head recovery but I do admit, it will probably be the hardest.

Getting in touch with your emotions.

They are your driving force, so take them on a cruise through the countryside and talk to them. Figure out where they are coming from. Ask them why they are there? Most of the time the emotions you are feeling in the moment have nothing to do with what is actually going on in that moment.

They are coming from your past. From past emotional experiences that have been sitting in your body for years, for decades.

What is this moment bringing up for you? What is happening that reminds you of a moment in time where you felt neglected or alone or rejected?

Who made you feel like that?

Perhaps you could write a letter explaining your feelings to this person. You don’t have to show them but writing them down gets it OUT of you. It helps to remove the debris and clears the way for more relevant emotions to surface in the moment.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. It is ok to FEEL.

I grew up not being allowed to own my feelings. They were always wrong so I stopped feeling anything. Except anger. But now I own them and accept them, even if others don’t understand them.

They are my feelings and I give myself permission to let them come out.

I am giving you permission to own your feelings too.


Start taking responsibility for what you put in your mouth.

YOU get to decide what you want. You are now a grown woman who doesn’t need to answer to anyone. Except yourself.

And, take it slow. Or fast. That is also your decision to make.

If you want to dive right in and throw out all the shitty food in your pantry and replace it with nourishing food, go right ahead. As long as you are aware that most of that will probably go in the bin.

I say that with love because we have all been there. We get excited about a big change but then the reality sets in, our mind goes back to what it is used to and we feel like a failure.

So, I am actually giving you permission to NOT throw any of that stuff away. Don’t go to the grocery store and fill your trolley with healthy food.


Just take this one simple step of taking responsibility for the food you eat.

For every bite you eat, let go of the guilt and the shame and replace those emotions with ones of love and respect for yourself.

CHOOSE to eat what you’re eating. Make a choice to fill your belly with whatever food you like and love yourself anyway.

I can tell you with absolute truth that the more you do this, the less likely you will CHOOSE to put your familiar foods into your body because you now 1. Love yourself a little bit more, 2. Your emotions no longer control you and 3. You are taking responsibility for being the most amazing you you can be.

Because you now know that nourishing foods are going to give your body what it is looking for and in return your body is going to continue to love you right back.

Your mind and your body are beginning to work together in harmony once again.

It is true body bliss.


Replace those emotional binges with a love binge.

What your hungry head is really looking for is love.

Not from anyone else in this world but from YOU.

Yes, it’s wonderful to receive love from those close to you; however, the only true love you need is the love you already have inside you. Again, this will be a challenging one but most definitely worthwhile. Because you are worthwhile.

Our lack of self-love comes from many places and many people. But I am also now giving you permission to completely and totally love yourself.

Replace those emotional binges with a beautiful love binge.

I’d like you to grab a piece of paper (notebook or journal would work great) and a pen and write down 10 things you love to do.

It could be going for a walk along the beach, drawing, taking photos of your dog, sending time with friends, snuggling on the couch with your partner, dancing around the house to your favourite music…

Whatever you absolutely LOVE to do, write them down.

And put this list on the fridge. Make copies and paste them all over the house, your car and work so when you feel the urge to binge on emotional-filled food binge on one of these love-filled feasts instead.

And, if you can’t quite resist the call of the hungry head…

Love yourself anyway.

Every moment is a new moment to begin again.

You get to love yourself in every moment. You get to start over in every moment if you need to.

And, you get to nourish your body with love, beautiful nutrient-filled foods and YOU.

No one can love you quite like you can.

Welcome that love as it returns to your body. Release all of the stuck emotions swirling around inside of you and connect to both your body and your mind once again.

With love.

Always love.

You are amazing and I am here on this earth to guide you and support you as you find your love again.

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Because it is never about the food.

It is about what is going on inside of you.

It is the emotions, the feelings you can’t get rid of.

It is the emotions and feelings you are trying to grab a hold of.

They ARE ready to be released.

They ARE there waiting for you to embrace them again.

Don’t waste another second feeling this way about yourself.

Don’t waste another minute feeling sad, lonely, depressed, angry, overwhelmed and unworthy.

Don’t waste another hour feeling as though you are stuck in this alone.

Don’t waste another day feeling as though you want more but aren’t allowing yourself to have it.

Don’t waste another moment believing you cannot have everything you have ever dreamt of.

Your life is here. It is now.

Become Positively You.

The you you have been waiting for.

Let’s find her. Together.

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