LOVE body

What is LOVE body?

This section is committed to loving our bodies from head to heel and giving our bodies the respect they deserve. Our bodies work persistently and purposefully every single second of the day to fight for us.

We don’t always know what is going on inside of us but I can tell you that your body does everything it can to keep you healthy, energised and going strong. Your body wants to work with you, not against you, so it protects you as best it can with whatever you provide it

However, in return we abuse our bodies, despise our bodies and neglect our bodies on a daily basis.

And, even though the complexities of our bodies are unfamiliar to most people, there are a few very simple things your body needs each day.

Nourishment, movement and love.

We all have the capabilities to provide our bodies with these three simple, yet powerful things, but unfortunately we have lost our way; resulting in abuse and neglect.

From overfeeding our bodies with calorie dense foods to starving ourselves of precious nourishment, our bodies have taken a direct hit and recovery is not looking good (though it is totally possible).

As a natural health practitioner, I can honestly tell you that your body feels incredible with lots of love, nourishment and movement.

If you have my LOVE story (if not you can read it here), you will know I was very overweight and very unhappy with who I was. I abused my body and my mind to the point where I thought there was never going to be a different way of life for me. I believed I was destined to forever be fat and miserable.

What saved me was nutrition. When I made the life changing decision to become a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner I really had not a clue where it was going to lead me. I first decided to become a nutritionist so I could help children to understand their bodies and the food they ate. I had a very unhealthy diet my whole life and I felt I could give children a better start to life than I had.

But as the last few years unfolded before me my life took a very different turn. Bringing me to this moment in time where I know, deep in my soul, that I am meant to guide and support women through their own LOVE story so they (YOU!) change their story to whatever they desire it to be.

LOVE body is all encompassing, embracing and enfolding. We must finally LOVE our bodies and what they can do for us, and do do for us.

In the LOVE body section you will find health, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and blog pages to guide and support you as you begin your own LOVE body story.

Now is the time to embrace who you are. Embrace your body and embrace your life. We really only get one chance to live life.

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
~ Mae West

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