What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the components in our food which provide essential building blocks to assist the body in growth, development, maintenance, reproduction and health.

We all know we need to eat but understanding WHY we need and WHAT we need to eat to keep ourselves energised and healthy is often overlooked or not common knowledge.

The food you eat is going to be made up of a few different components. They are macronutrients which consists of carbohydrates, protein and fat; and micronutrients which is made up of vitamins and minerals. Natural food also contains antioxidants, enzymes and various miscellaneous factors which have added health benefits.

Notice how I said natural food? That’s because processed foods may contain some additives to help them appear as if they are a healthy choice but ultimately most processed foods are made from manufactured components

Choosing nutritious foods nourishes where body and both the macro and micro nutrients work in harmony to maintain health.

Here is a small example of what they do for us on a daily basis:

I get that you probably don’t want to think about your food in this way. Food is supposed to be enjoyable. We eat it because we like it and it tastes good.
So, don’t worry about the intricacies of what you are eating. Just focus on one thing:

Food is nourishment.

And make the choice every day to nourish your body. If you are unsure of what to put in your body and what to eat everyday, then I will guide you to nourishing your body as best you can.

Every body’s body is different, therefore, it will require different nourishment. We each lead different lives so the food we eat must reflect our own personality, our own lifestyle and our own body.


Nutrition simply comes down to this . . .

Real food = nourishment
Processed foods = deprivation

Your body cannot process processed foods the same way it processes real foods. Our bodies are designed to function on the carbs, proteins, fats, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants from REAL food.

You may feel great for a while but eventually your body cannot sustain itself, leaving you feeling tired and unhealthy.

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Are you looking for a way to have your cake and eat it too?

Would you love to know what foods suit YOU?

Are you fed up with trying every single diet there is and still not seeing long term results?

I have been there. And, I do LOVE cake!

It is not a fun place to be, feeling disheartened with yourself. Not knowing if you are doing what is right for your body.

Unfortunately, too many women are in this exact same scenario and it is my passion and purpose to help YOU get out of it.

Nourishing your body is a beautiful start.

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