My Feelings Divine

As a little girl, I always felt my feelings were wrong. Not allowed.

So, I grew into a young woman who could never understand her own feelings. Instead of letting them be, I shoved them down into the deepest parts of myself which meant all the good feelings I came into this world with became non-existent.

I wanted to find them again and allow them their place within me.

The anger I felt took over those good feelings and I wanted that to subside in its power.

My Feelings Divine moves you through that transition.

Have you allowed your feelings to be what they are or have you ignored them?

Share with us if you are ready to.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.


Your feelings are wrong, I heard every day
Your feelings are bad, they all used to say

The feelings I felt got lost to the wind
Blown away with such force not to be felt again

My feelings so pure held on tight to the tree
They didn’t want to let go and be released from me

I wanted them to stay inside me so deep
They are mine, all mine, to feel and to keep

Why would you want to take them away?, I yell
How come I am not allowed to have them stay?, prey tell

Each new feeling I felt that was good, that was fun
Were replaced in an instant by only one

Anger came to live in my heart, in my mind
I felt powerless and weak, choosing not to be kind

For kindness no longer felt good to me now
Anger was all I was used to anyhow

I shut myself down to a worthless existence
Each feeling was met with a confining resistance

Those feelings I felt in the beginning of life
Were locked away with no chance to survive

The key has returned to the woman I am now
I will unlock all my feelings, they are mine to allow

No one will ever say they are wrong, they are bad
Those people who did that will not make me mad

My feelings are free to float about in the breeze
They’ve survived, they are strong, I am ever so pleased

My anger has melted away with the sun
In its place there is goodness and kindness and fun

Always and forever my feelings are mine
They are true, they are pure, eternally divine

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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