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15 Reason Why It Isn't Your Weight Making You Unhappy. Part 3

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If you’re tired of feeling unhappy about your weight then this video is for you!

I realised there are so many unpleasant, annoying and downright disgusting lies being fed to us every day.

That there are 15 reasons why it ISN’T your weight making you unhappy. Because my weight wasn’t making me unhappy.

My weight was only a symptom of a much deeper problem.

You need to know this.

The world needs to know this so we can all free ourselves from the burden of our weight and finally give ourselves the chance to be happy.

Part 3 gives you a few more ways to begin loving yourself and your body again so you can release the 15 Reasons and find happiness in yourself and your body.

Listen in to know more.

About Raising Love

Raising love within yourself as only you can.

It’s time to raise ourselves up with love and discover who we truly are inside. Without all of the punishment, hurt and unworthiness driving us into despair.

Raising love involves all women whose bodies and minds are filled with hate, anger, frustration, self-loathing, sadness, loneliness. And whose bodies have been punished over the years because of how you have felt about yourself for way too long.

Because you are a woman who is smart, funny, kind, loving, mindful, caring, inspiring, powerful, strong, bold and passionate. You have dreams, ideas and feelings which should not be dismissed. By anyone. Especially you.

This podcast is for all of you beautiful women who have said “ENOUGH”.

Whoever you are right in this very moment. Wherever you have come from. Wherever you are headed.

It’s time to raise love within yourself.

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Hi, I’m Kelly and welcome to the Raising Love podcast. Raising love within yourself as only you can.

Brought to you by LOVE body and the Positively You program.

So this podcast is part three of the 15 reasons series that I actually initially wrote an article about it so that is on my website if you want to actually read it, but I decided to also create a YouTube channel,

something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I absolutely love doing this podcast, and it was just time to kind of take things to another level.

So, I filmed three videos, for this three part series, and I have released them as a podcast as well because you know people like to watch or people like to listen or, you know, take it in the car with you and listen to it on the way to work or to wherever you’re going.

So in this part three of the 15 reasons it just kind of delves just a little bit more into you as a woman, and your weight, and where all of that stuff is coming from essentially.

Release any of these 15 reasons why. And these 15 external and internal obstructions. That could be keeping you from finding your happiness in yourself and in your body.

So beautiful I hope you enjoy his podcast and I will put a link into the show notes if you actually want to watch it at some point as well and watch any of the videos in this three part series, so I hope you are having a beautiful day and enjoy.

Hi, beautiful. Welcome to part three of the 15 reasons why it isn’t making you unhappy.

If you haven’t seen the other two videos here, link them into the notes below this video. So go and check those out. But this video is kind of an impromptu one, because I realised as I was doing the other two videos that it made it the third part, it needed a little bit of, I guess, closure, maybe, for want of a better word, kind of, you know, just like wrap it all up nicely in a bow. I talked about all of those and I did give you a few things that you can do along the way. But I realise you probably need a bit more at.

Yes, you have now learnt about all of those 15 reasons. But what do you what do you do about them, where do you go from here. Because when it comes to learn stuff. We learn it, then we kind of tend to just stay where we are.

It is no movement in the direction that we want to go. I’m going to help you get a little bit of movement. It’s not going to be massive. I’m not going to ask you to do crazy weird, like, huge things. I’m just something really simple, something that I didn’t realise I was doing until are kind of until I’ve been reading some books. These need books are written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, in the words of Abraham.
And they really talk about getting to a place of healing, feeling of knowing your feelings and using your feelings, as a guidance system.

And for me, I spent decades, decades in the emotions of anger, the emotions of fear, the emotions of frustration and all of those really, really horrible feelings that I did not like being in. They kept me stuck, they kept me in this mindset, and this thought process, and I call it the vicious vortex and this vicious vortex is something that you kind of, you feel like you fall if you fall into it and you just can’t get out of it because, in your mind, it’s just going and going and going and you go from one negative thought to the next and next and next and before you know it, you were sort of in a pretty good place, but now you’re all the way over here, and you feel like absolute shit.

And we tend to do that as women, especially when it comes to loving ourselves and loving our bodies. And, you know, something as simple as eating food can send us into an absolute spiral.

Because, honestly we allow ourselves without knowing that we’re allowing ourselves to be in that, because we don’t, we don’t always understand that we can get ourselves out of that. We might not be able to make huge leaps out of it but we can at least take one little step and just start pulling ourselves out of it. So there is two things that go together, and one doesn’t necessarily proceed the other, and sort of go with each other.

One is thought and one is feeling. So when you think something, it goes down into your body and you start feeling it. And when you feel something, it moves up into your head and you start thinking it. So whether that’s a negative thought or a positive thought it is exactly the same process. We tend to believe that we can’t think positive things about ourselves, that that is just too impossible, it’s just something that can’t be done, that we are only capable of all of that negative thought, and that negative feeling.

And if we do feel good about ourselves, well, we just, again we disallow that and we just, we go back into that stuff that we’ve always known. So, if you’re feeling feeling shitty about yourself, like you might not be all the way down this end of the scale where you’re really fucking so angry and just pissed off, which is where I need most of the time, I really need this was just my safety zone. What I was comfortable.

And I really brought myself up here now. And along the way I have allowed myself, little by little by little while I was not able to jump from here to here, that’s too big of a jump, that’s too big of a leap and that would just, oh just probably just drive me crazy, and no way I’ll be able to do it because I didn’t believe that I had the capability of doing it.

It’s just, it’s honestly it’s little incremental steps along the way where you allow yourself to think better and feel better. You give yourself permission to know that you have the power to change whatever’s going on in here and whatever is going on in here. And when you start doing that, you realise that you get further and further and further away from this comfort zone, from the safety zone, from the place that you’ve always lived. And before you know it, you’re like, Wow, I’m actually in a pretty good place right. Maybe I don’t feel exactly how I want to feel, that’s kind of up there still, wisdom here. And I’m not living in this place anymore. So whatever this place is for you, all these negative thoughts and these negative feelings, reach for something, just, that’s just, you know, a little bit above that. If you’re feeling angry. Notice why. What is causing that anger? Realise what is causing that anger. Find out what it is.

And then take the next step up in your thought process and in your feeling process and consciously decide to feel and think, just that little bit better. Now this could take days, it could even take weeks, potentially even months how depending on how quickly you want to work, and it took me a long time because I didn’t realise that that was sort of what I was doing, but every negative thought and feeling that I had, once I had the understanding that I didn’t have to think that way anymore. I didn’t have to think, I mean feel that way more, then the movement was there. I allowed myself to move.

So, if you are feeling really angry about who you are and what you are and what you look like. Understand why. For me, I mean there’s a lot of beliefs on this, so many beliefs that kind of see and all that. And then what’s called limiting beliefs because they limit us and they prevent us from moving forward, from moving out of that.

So, for me, I just, I believed that I was hopeless. I believed that I was always had this sense that I was wrong all the time. That everything I did was wrong. Even though I knew what I was doing was right, it was still that gut feeling that it was the right thing but there was just another feeling within me that just kept telling me that I wasn’t doing the wrong thing.

And I believed that I wasn’t worthy of any goodness of any love. Not from anyone out there and not definitely not from inside of myself. So they, they were my driving force they were the ones that led me to just be who I was, which is not very good, which was being stuck in that anger because I didn’t think that I could get out of that anger. So my next step up from that was knowing that I could feel better than that, and I didn’t have to feel angry and noticing why I was angry in that moment because we’re angry in that moment, chances are it’s not about that moment, chances are it’s about all of the shit that’s, like behind us, that we drag along with us. And we drag it into every single moment and it powers our emotions. So understanding what is driving you in that moment, and knowing that you can just stop.

You can slow down a second, and you can think and feel the next best feeling that moves you up and away from. That keeps you moving forward to where you actually want to be. And for me, my word this year is joy, I completely lost my joy, even in those moments and those times and those experiences where I was really kind of, I mean I was having a good time but I didn’t allow myself to be joyful about them. I didn’t appreciate them, I just, they felt so unreal to me. That I was actually even living them, that I was kind of numb to all of that. It just, it felt like someone else was experiencing all of that.
But we try so hard to do all of the things. I need to do this and I need to do that and if I just do this, then I’m gonna get this. And this result is going to happen I’m gonna feel better and I’m going to get what I want, and you know, I’ll lose the weight and feel better. If I lose the weight I’m going to feel better, If I lose the weigh and I’m going to feel better.

What if you felt better first. It took me a while to get to that love place for myself but I just I started to feel better about who I was and what I looked like my body is my body. Yes, I can work out love I do love working on like lifting really heavy weights, I’ve realised that there is something that I really really enjoy doing.

But my body kind of is what it is, in this moment, and yes, it will change over time but I have to allow it to change and I have to allow myself to welcome in that change, and then welcome in the good feelings about who I am and what my body looks like. It’s that thinking, and it’s that feeling, thinking better, feeling better, feeling better, thinking better. And that keeps you moving along that scale.

That is why I created this free love body day planer. It asks a few questions that are very simple, but yet can be very powerful. If it’s something that you do every morning, because there is that question. How do I want to feel today?

If you just want to feel good. And you want good, and you know that that’s the feeling you’re aiming for, So you can work towards getting that feeling. And when you, when your thoughts are not very good. You do what I like to call reverse it and replace it you reverse that thought and then you replace it with something better.

So some other questions that this planner has is, What do you want to eat today. What do you want to nourish your body with. And that is a very powerful tool in knowing what you’re going to eat from the day instead of getting to the fridge. Or, you know, you get to lunchtime and you’re at work and you’re like, I don’t have any lunch. I don’t know what I want to eat, like if you plan to handle in a little bit that sort of takes the pressure off.

Take the pressure off yourself, and really just getting into crazy moments of not knowing what you want to eat or choosing foods that you know that you don’t really want to eat but it’s quick and it’s easy, not necessarily enjoying it but it’s there. It takes all of that away. And all of that stress about what you’re eating can just leave your body and it leaves you free to feeling, that feeling that you want to feel. There is also moving, how do you want to move your body today, how do you want to love your body to that. It’s so much more. It’s, it’s a seven day plan but it’s downloadable and you can use it as many times as you need to.

But it really does help you to get to those feelings that you want to feel and changing your thought about how you feel. Because you are allowed to feel. So, you are allowed, as a woman to love who you are and to love your body.

We’ve been taught for too many years that we are never good enough the way that we are. And as I said in video one. In part one, we all have to be this one person, and we’re just, we’re not that we’re just not that. So, love yourself in all that you are now, and know that you have the power to think and to feel whatever it is that you want to think and feel. And that you can get yourself away from where you are now, you can keep going further and further and further until you find that ultimate joy and that ultimate bliss, that ultimate happiness that we’re all looking for in here.

It will never be out here, in that he will enhance it, you get to have wonderful experiences and meet new people and just enjoy things that come into your life. But when you feel it in here first and you think it in here. You think and you feel and you feel and you think. You move up the scale, you’re moving away from where you are now and you’re getting closer and closer to that ultimate feeling. And it feels amazing.

I never believed that I could ever get to this spot, like ever. I honestly thought I was stuck in that misery for the rest of my life. Because that’s who I was. That’s just how I felt and that’s just who I was. No matter how many times I tried times I tried to be better. I was always stuck. Because this was not matching this, and this was not matching this. They have to match. You have to get them in alignment with one another, you can think good feeling and you can think good thoughts, you can think good anything about anything, but if it doesn’t match in here, then it’s just completely out of whack.

That’s why affirmations don’t always work because we’re saying but we’re not feeling. Everything is about feeling. Everything we do is about creating a feeling. So create that feeling that you want to feel. Know it, understand it and allow it.

Alright, beautiful. Thank you for coming on this little journey with me, these 15 reasons why isn’t your weight, making you unhappy. Because it isn’t. And you deserve so much more, and allowing your weight to prevent you from living the life that you want to live. It is there for the taking. Everything that you want, is there for the taking.

Think it and feel it. And I’ll put the link in the show notes to the planner for you to download and begin your love body day. Alright, beautiful. I’ll see you soon.

Thank you so much for listening, beautiful, and this really is a dream come true for me. I spent so much of my life being quiet, not speaking out, staying small that I forgot a have a voice worth listening to. You may not always agree with what I say and that is absolutely okay because this is a conversation between us.

Yes, I have lots to say but I also want to hear what you have to say. So leave me a comment, email me your thoughts, get in touch. Let me know what conversations you’d like to have, what your thoughts are about this podcast.

But before you go, I invite you to find out more about the Positively You Program. And inside the program, there is a much more detailed lesson about discovering your now stories. And your new stories, and really helping you to get to, who you are, so you can release the hold that your weight has on you and find your magical happiness. And, just feel more empowered and feel more love and feel more kindness for yourself and just find what your greatest love story is. We all have a love story inside of us that’s waiting to be written, waiting to be explored. Are you ready to find yours?

To find out more use the link in the show notes. And beautiful, continue raising love within yourself.

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