Raising Love Episode 6

Your NOW story. What is it? How does it affect you?

Raising Love Podcast

On this podcast, I want to talk to you about your NOW story.

It is something we all have.

The constant stories playing inside your mind over and over again.

It’s that story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t…

You can’t lose weight, you can’t get a better job, you can’t have a relationship, you can’t have a great life, you can’t ever have any money…

There’s a whole long list of them, swirling around your mind keeping you from ”I CAN”.

Where do these stories come from and why do we hold onto them so tightly?

Listen in to know more.

About Raising Love

Raising love within yourself as only you can.

It’s time to raise ourselves up with love and discover who we truly are inside. Without all of the punishment, hurt and unworthiness driving us into despair.

Raising love involves all women whose bodies and minds are filled with hate, anger, frustration, self-loathing, sadness, loneliness. And whose bodies have been punished over the years because of how you have felt about yourself for way too long.

Because you are a woman who is smart, funny, kind, loving, mindful, caring, inspiring, powerful, strong, bold and passionate. You have dreams, ideas and feelings which should not be dismissed. By anyone. Especially you.

This podcast is for all of you beautiful women who have said “ENOUGH”.

Whoever you are right in this very moment. Wherever you have come from. Wherever you are headed.

It’s time to raise love within yourself.

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Hi, I’m Kelly and welcome to the Raising Love podcast. Raising love within yourself as only you can.

Brought to you by the Positively You program and LOVE body.

On this podcast, I want to talk to you about your NOW story.

It is something we all have.

The constant stories playing inside your mind over and over again.

It’s that story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t…

You can’t lose weight, you can’t get a better job, you can’t have a relationship, you can’t have a great life, you can’t ever have any money…

there’s a whole long list of them, swirling around your mind keeping you from ”I CAN”.

Where do these stories come from and why do we hold onto them so tightly?

Our stories are given to us by many different people. Our parents, teachers, family members, friends, people we meet along way, strangers. Everyone we meet can have an affect on our stories.

They are our guest authors. And, they contribute to your story through their words, their actions, their own beliefs which they pass on to you and their NOW stories permeating every part of their life keeping them from living beyond their NOW stories.

Ok. So you might be asking “what exactly is a NOW story?”

Basically. These are the stories you are living in NOW. The stories trapped in your mind everyday. The stories that begin to replay the moment you open your eyes. The stories keeping you from realising you are not your stories.

And by stories, I mean beliefs, thoughts, words, feelings that you are holding in your mind and your body, whether you realise it or not.

Those stories keep you stuck. They keep you safe.

They keep you doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result.

Because you want a different result. You want your life to be different from what it is now, but those NOW stories remind you of your failures, your limits, your incapabilities.

They give you reason not to apply for your dream job, they give you reason not to go on that holiday of a lifetime, they give you reason not to get up every morning and do what brings you joy.

Your stories bring you a sense of doom and hopelessness where there should be none.

They keep you afraid and small.

They put limits on your life because what if you fail? What if you succeed? What if you actually got everything you ever dreamt of and more?

What would you do then? Where would your stories be?

How would you live without your stories reminding you to be safe?

And, the narrator of these stories inside your mind is your ego.

The voice telling you to watch out, hold on, don’t do that, you can’t, you’re not capable, you have no idea how, it’s impossible, why are you even bothering.

You know the one. We all have it.

And, that voice sucks. But we listen to it with open ears and believe every single shitty word it says to us.

This voice isn’t the truth. This voice wants to keep you safe. Its job is to protect you from harm. But the harm is not real.

Maybe inside your mind it might seem real, the voice (your ego) is really good at convincing you its real but it’s not real.

Inside you there are two voices, I call the other one your loving voice because this voice LOVES you. She wants nothing but the best for you and I will talk about her in more detail in an upcoming episode so be sure to listen to that one.

But for now, let’s focus on your ego. She IS a part of you. You will never be able to get rid of her.

Your ego, as I said, is your protector. But what your ego wants to protect you from is your LIFE.

Life can be scary especially when you are being led to do things that are out of your comfort zone.

Your ego pipes up and starts to remind you of all the things that could go wrong, your ego reminds you of all the times that things did go wrong… “remember when”, it will say. “Oh, yeah” you reply. “I do remember. I better not do this then because that ended in disaster last time”.

And, so you stay where it is safe and comfortable. And those stories of failure, loss, pain and defeat continue to swirl around your mind as a constant reminder to not try anything ever again.

Your NOW stories are keeping you stuck.

I want you to realise that you CAN change your NOW story, that you don’t actually have to listen to anything your ego says to you. You get to override that voice.

But in order to do that you have to BELIEVE it is possible. That you are worthwhile. That you can, and should, tell your ego to shut up because you know better.

I believed my ego for so long. This voice in my head has been by my side for as long as I can remember. It has given me advice, it has told me how to behave, it has led every part of my life.

I didn’t know there was another part of me. Who knew it was ok NOT to believe that voice?

The stories were the same. All day every day. My ego was reading to me. Reading me MY stories every moment of the day. Ensuring I knew them off by heart so I wouldn’t dare forget them.

Forget that I WASN’T hopeless, forget that I WASN’T just the fat girl, forget that I WASN’T really the angry and bitter women I knew to be me.

There was so much of myself that I didn’t know because I believed all of the shitty lies my ego spewed out to me every time I wanted to be different. To change. To feel better.

What reason did I have to think any differently?

I was meant to feel this way. To be this way. This was who I was.

So my ego led me to believe. This voice was constant. It was relentless. I couldn’t shut it up.

I didn’t know I could.

We all can.

It’s time to let go. Release your grip on the stories swirling inside your mind so you too can listen more intently to the loving voice inside you.

And believe her.

Your ego voice doesn’t rule. Your ego voice doesn’t know better than your loving voice. Your ego voice shouldn’t be believed more strongly than your loving voice.

Just because those stories are inside your mind, doest mean they are true.

Those stories are like a game of whispers. Where you say one thing and then the next person repeats it to the next person in line but more than likely what was originally said turns into something else, and by the end of the line it is now completely different.

Our minds are much the same. The story changes over time. It evolves into something else. It takes on a life of its own and ends up being so different to the original story.

And, we believe each re-write as the truth. Because our mind has told us it is. Whatever goes on in our mind must be real.

But what if those stories are not worth listening to?

Because they are full of lies and bullshit.

Those stories were, once upon a time, a fragment of the truth and have now turned into your ego’s greatest work.

Your ego has re-written every single word to keep you believing. Keep you intrigued enough in the story so you don’t question it.

But you should question those stories. You must ask yourself if those stories are actually true or not. Maybe they are to an extent but if they are preventing you from living the life you want to live, then they absolutely must be questioned, challenged, confronted and ultimately changed.

Maybe, a long long long time ago those stories held some truth. But what do you want your truth to be now?

What would you like to hear inside your mind?

In next weeks episode of the raising love podcast I will talk about your NEW story. The story YOU get to replace your NOW story with.

So, start thinking. Start listening. Listen to what those NOW stories are for you. What are they saying. Write them down. Write down what you constantly hear on repeat.

Are they true? Or are they a story from once upon a time? A story the can be re-written.

You deserve to be the author of your own stories. So, get your pen and paper ready.

It’s time to bring forth your NEW story.

For now, for this week, I want you to listen to what’s going on inside your mind. What stories are on replay? Get them out of you so you can look at them and question them.

This is one beautiful way to raise love within yourself.

Thank you so much for listening, beautiful. This really is a dream come true for me.

I spent so much of my life being quiet, not speaking up, staying small that I forgot I have a voice worth listening to.

You may not always agree with what I say and that’s ok.

This is a conversation between us. Yes, I have lots to say but I also want to hear what you have to say.

So, leave me a comment, email me your thoughts, get in touch and let me know what conversations you’d like to have.

But before you go, I invite you to find out more about the Positively You program. Inside the program there is a more detailed lesson about discovering your NOW stories so you can release them and feel more empowered to re-write them into your greatest LOVE story.

We all have a LOVE story inside of us, waiting to be written. Waiting to be explored.

Are you ready to find yours?

Use the link in the show notes to find out more.

Continue raising love within yourself. Speak soon.

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