The LOVE body effect Program

a 6 week holistic program for the mind, body and soul

If you are looking for a quick fix weight loss program then this is not for you.

However, if you are ready to dig deeper inside, reach in pull all of your insides out then put them back together piece by piece then this program is DEFINITELY for you.

This is necessary for you to really change your mind, your thoughts and your feelings about the person you are now. You have been through a lot over the last 40 years and you are ready, on a deeper level, to find your loving voice and finally listen to the beauty she has whispering to you all along. Because you and her know that another crazy weight loss program is not going to cut it this time. You are ready to find out who you really are and give up the weight loss obsession once-and-for-all. You know that you are ready to LIVE and to LOVE and to LET yourself be more than how much you weigh.

Welcome, Beautiful.

It’s time. Time for you to LOVE all of you again.

What you will learn during the 6 weeks

"I have finally decided to stop obsessing about my weight and start living my true, authentic life. And have lots of fun in the process".

Kelly Connolly

the LOVE body effect Program

Let it. Live it. Love it.

Are you ready?

It's time. Time to LET yourself enjoy who you are. It's time to LIVE the life you deserve to live. And, it's time to LOVE the real you. Because you are beautiful, amazing, capable, strong and inspiring.

I"m Ready

The LOVE body effect Program


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But, wait! There's more!

Because you are so awesome and you are ready to LOVE yourself and your body again I have a few gifts for you.

- Kelly Connolly

2 x 1 on 1, 45 minute coaching sessions. One at the beginning of the program and one towards the end of the program

A copy of my books "The LOVE body Energising Plan" & "The Healthy Supermarket Shop"

Meal Ideas and a comprehensive list of nourishing foods

2 recipe books "7 days of Chocolate" & "Groovy Smoovy's"

My 30 minute Weight Loss Webinar

Oh, and definitely a couple of extra goodies thrown in to give you even more guidance along the way.

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