Snacking. Is it really necessary?

Who lives by the rule, 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks?

I know I did for a very long time.

Not because I, or my body, needed all that food but because it gave me licence TO EAT.

Now in the age of Intermittent Fasting, keto, paleo and all these other ways of eating there are even more rules about when to eat and how often.

It’s as if the trust in ourselves has been handed over to someone else to keep under control.

We no longer know when we’re hungry and when we are satisfied….

because we are bombarded with messages to eat at this time, don’t eat at this time, eat only this, eat only that, breakfast is not good for you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day….

And, don’t forget the thousands of images, messages and ads we see and hear on a daily basis that tell us we just have to have this amazing food, and our life will forever be changed because we ate it.

Oh, my gosh. Head explosion.

No wonder we are all losing our minds.

See, our bodies have not evolved at all since we evolved into homosapien’s.

But what has changed is the amount of food available to us ALL THE TIME.

There are so many yummy things to eat that we feel we must eat them all. NOW.

(ads every where)

And, snacks are definitely one of the most popular “foods” we want to eat because they are the yummiest.

All the other meals just don’t compare.

Who can’t resist a muesli bar or a protein ball or some crackers and dip or chips, chocolate, biscuits, snack pack at KFC, cheeseburger at McD”s…

There’s healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks and snacks that are somewhere in the middle,

but they taste so goooood

And then,

Then there is the guilt about eating too many snacks, for finishing the whole packet of chips or biscuits, buying a meal at the drive-through rather than the snack pack you were originally going to buy.


Now you feel guilty and gross and you go into a downward thought spiral of guilt and hate and shame….

It’s too much.

So, how can you put an end to all of this snack-diculous madness?

I have one very, very simple power move you can use right now to stop the snack insanity….

Eat when you’re hungry. Stop eating when you have had enough (actually, just before you have had enough. Keep your belly satisfied, not stuffed).

It really is that simple…

But yet, not. (I’m sorry to confuse you)

Especially when you have been dealing with overeating for much of your life.

I’ve been there. I get it.

But I also know that listening to your body telling you its hungry, is possible for you to do.

Forgive yourself for all your past snack-attacks and trust in yourself again.

I no longer snack for the fun of it. I eat when I am genuinely hungry and I choose what I put into my mouth wisely.

It was a winding and bumpy road but one worth going down.

And, if you need more help to stop the snack-attack, to remember how to listen to your body or to just give yourself a chance to release yourself from the food obsession…

My “Weight Release” Session will help you to do this.


I will take you through a series of questions, techniques and actions, or as I love to call them POWER MOVES; which will help you

I can’t wait to connect with you very soon

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