Forgive  Love Your Body

Here is the guided meditation

Ho'oponopono Please Forgive Me I’m Sorry Thank You I Love You

Thank you so much for requesting the Forgive Your Body Love Your Body Guided Meditation.

If you have ten minutes or so right now, then press play to get started.

If you would rather wait for a more suitable time, then the link to this page is already on its way to your inbox.

There are no weird instructions or strange items you need to do this practice.

A quiet place and a comfortable floor or chair will do nicely.

Simply relax as you watch the video and then move into the meditation.

listen. learn. love.

Presentation and Guided Meditation Audio

Ho'oponopono Presentation and Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Only Audio

Ho'ponopono Forgiveness Guided Mediation

About Kelly

Kelly is the Founder of Love Body Woman. She is a former food addict who has learnt to love food. Her work as a poet and a writer help her to share all she has learnt whilst supporting her much-needed emotional and mental healing.

After decades of abuse, punishment, depression and anxiety she finally realised she was than this destructive behaviour. And, that she is far more than the relentless fixation on her body’s size, which often engulfed her in dark thoughts, convincing her that she did not deserve anything good in this world.

Because life is not about how much you weigh. It is about listening to the Woman within, learning who you truly are and loving every single part of you again.

She is dedicated to empowering women by reinforcing that they already have all the necessary tools within themselves. Your own Loving Voice serves as the most reliable guiding light.

The woman she is today is far from perfect. She struggles with life sometimes but her fierce determination always keeps her going and reaching for a better feeling place.

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