The Anger Rises

Anger is not an emotion we like to have.

It is explosive, it is messy.

Yet, we all have it. In one way or another.

Anger comes from a place of insecurity. Fear. Loneliness. Bitterness. Lovelessness.

I have known it too well. We have been ‘friends’ for most of my life.

It hasn’t been a warm and inviting friendship.

In this poem, I express that anger and how it came to be. And what kept us in such a f**ked up ‘friendship’.

What has your experience with anger been like?

Are you angry with yourself because you aren’t…fill in the blank… pretty enough, skinny enough, tall enough, young enough, healthy enough, enough?

Let us know so we don’t feel quite so alone in our feelings.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.


The anger rises, She can feel it within
The anger rises, she knows she won’t win

For it takes over her mind, her whole body succumbs
She no longer controls it, her being becomes

But somewhere deep inside there is something strange
Something different, something familiar, something other than rage

The anger. The rage. They are a part of her now
Feelings she does not even want to allow

They takeover, they latch on
When will these feelings be gone?

What else does she feel, a feeling so deep?
It’s familiar. It is different. A feeling she wants to keep

She’s felt it before. She couldn’t allow it then
She doesn’t know what to do with this feeling so Zen

The anger. The rage. She’s known it so long
The anger. The rage. Where do they come from?

From a place of hate. Self-loathing for thee
Of disgust and contempt for a body like she

Those curves that expanded her skin and her mind
To a place she felt forever confined

But, now. Oh, now! She begins to break free
A voice deep inside reaches up to decree

You are worthy of love, your body and all
There’s no need to be angry, no need to feel small

Your anger is only a part of yourself
Because you can’t find a way to be all of your Self

It’s time to let go of the anger, the rage
It’s time to let yourself out of this self-imposed cage

You are more than the anger you hold onto so dear
So, now, love yourself , let go of the fear

Fear of what will come next
Fear of feeling so blessed

Feeling good, feeling great
It is never too late

I have got you, the voice says, clear and strong
Have no fear of a life that has never been wrong

There is love, you feel it, familiar and true
There is love, deep within, because that love is YOU

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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