The habit of self worksheet

Thank you for taking the time to head on over here and grab the worksheet for yourself.

The worksheet is fairly straightforward but I have included a link to my worksheet in case you need a little more guidance as to what to write for each one.

Please fill out your name and email address on the form below and it will go straight into your inbox where you can print it out or use your smart device and smart pen to input your answers.

I hope this helps you to take a closer look at this habit of self you feel needs to change so you can let go of it for good.

This worksheet enables you to focus on this habit of self and implement changes that are right for you by listening to your own loving voice as they guide you through the process. Trust in their knowing and trust in yourself to feel the love and support inside of you.

And, of course, you can reuse this worksheet for your other habits of self that you would like to let go of.

My loving voice gently guided me to create this worksheet for you and for myself. Please let me know whether you find it helpful to let go of your habit of self.

Raising Love
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