The Opening

Over the last few years, I have been opening up my mind, my eyes and my heart.

They were closed. Shut down. Locked up tight.

I refused to open them up in case I was hurt again.

I wanted to express that in this poem. And how this one thing has opened them all up again.

Where do you feel closed right now? Go into your mind and your body for a minute and feel the part of you asking to be opened up.

Share with us if you are ready to.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.


Opening my eyes, opening my heart
Where to begin, where to start

They’ve been shut down, locked up tight
I couldn’t open them, not even with might

For if I did I would surely die
How silly of me, what a ridiculous lie

How I felt, though, was in a million pieces
My mind, my body in separate places

I didn’t know how to join the two
And unite my feelings to just a few

One day a thought arrived in my head
It sprang open my eyes with the words that were said

You will see a new way to be, the thought told me with love
I don’t know if I can, it is me I’m afraid of

For my fear keeps me stuck in the nothingness of life
A nothingness I cannot get out of no matter how hard I strive

This life that I live has been lived with eyes closed
Its a life I endure but don’t dare to oppose

How can I live with myself open wide?
You most certainly can, a voice inside me replied

There is much you don’t see right under your nose
There is more deep inside you, the divine you quite knows

Its a start to feel your heart, it wants you to take a look
Use your eyes to catch sight of the love in every last nook

It wants to fill you up with a feeling so deep, so pure
There is only one way you can truly be sure

Your eyes and your heart are open to the world once again
Cause the love that you see and the love that you feel will erase all the pain

Love is the beginning, love is the end
Your eyes and your heart are now on the mend

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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