The struggle of dieting and weight loss and what it actually does to your mind, body and soul

The struggle of weight loss. How frustrating is it?

You find out about the latest diet, get prepared, buy all the foods they suggest, plan out your week…

Then you fail.


And, you eat!

You eat to feel better about failing on another diet.

You eat to numb the pain of still not losing any weight, and

You eat because that’s what you always do.

It’s a struggle.

It’s frustrating.

And you are absolutely fed up.

And on and on it goes.

How many years has this crazy cycle been going on for you?

Too long!

And now you are stuck in this cycle.

And you’re wondering “when will it ever end”?

But, have you ever stopped for a moment to see what this vicious dieting cycle is doing to your mind?

To your body?

To your soul?

Think for a second…

think about your morning, before you even open your eyes.

What is the first thing you think about?

Is it your weight?

Is it the latest diet you are on?

Is it how this day will finally be the day you get your shit together and lose the bloody weight?


Are you driving your mind nuts with the constant thoughts of dieting and weight loss?

Have you had enough?

Dieting is a never ending experiment, trying to figure out which one will finally work.

And each time you experiment it takes a bit more out of you, leaving you feeling like a failure, like you can’t do anything right and your confidence in yourself diminishes more and more.

Each diet takes a fragment of your belief in yourself until there is not much left.

Your mind cannot take anymore. Your body cannot take anymore. Your soul cannot take anymore because it wants nothing but the best for you.

And dieting takes you further and further away from yourself.

From who you really are as your thoughts are consumed with losing weight, dieting and feeling shit about yourself; day-in and day-out.

It’s exhausting.

Here are 3 ways each diet is impacting your mind, body and spirit:

  1. Your mind goes on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as you go from one diet to another. You think terrible thoughts about yourself because the diet doesn’t work creating a vortex of hatred, loathing and contempt….
  2. This then moves down into your body and you feel shit. Your eating is great for a while but then you start eating shit again because you feel shit. A never-ending cycle. Your body can’t keep up with all the changes so it becomes tired, weak, hungry…
  3. All the while, your soul is whispering to you. I know you hear that voice inside you but you are choosing to ignore it because society has brainwashed you into believing you are only your body and how much you weigh. Your loving voice longs to be heard and she asks of you…

Aren’t you ready for more happiness in your life?

Aren’t you ready to feel free from the dieting nightmare you’ve been living in for far too long?

Aren’t you ready to enjoy your life?




Your loving voice will always whisper to you. Sometimes even shout at you but she is always there guiding you and talking to you.

She is you. At your very core. She knows you best.

She wants to free you from the nightmare.

and, here are 3 ways she can do that for you. Starting now.

  1. Upon waking every morning, before you even open your eyes. Stop. Listen. Believe. And say to yourself: “Today I choose to believe in myself. I choose to love me right now and I choose to love my body by eating nourishing foods that love me back”.
  2. Have a nourishing breakfast. Here are some delicious and nutritious foods for you to try <click here for some yummy breakfast ideas>
  3. Journal whilst eating your breakfast (if it is possible, Kids! Or find a few moments in your day to do this). Journal about how each diet has let YOU down and how it has left you feeling. Find one lesson from each “failed” diet you can take with you as you move into a new era of NO DIETING!

I want to finish with one more thing…

You are amazing. Always.

You have not failed dieting, dieting has failed you.

You deserve to be more than the emptiness, the fed-up-ness and the frustration that every diet has filled your mind and body with.

Today is a new day.

This moment is a brand new moment.

You get to begin again as many times as you need.


Let it. Live it. Love it.

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