The Woman with many faces

The Woman with many faces.

Inside of us, there are many faces.

These faces represent different parts of our personality.

Some of them we are willing to show to others. But many we keep to ourselves for fear of judgment or not being liked.

I have many faces as a woman. Most of them I do not wish to put on display for others to see because I am either pained by them or I see them as shameful.

But, are they really?

Do you have hidden faces within you? Do you feel ashamed or judged because of these certain parts of yourself?

Share with us if you are ready to.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.


To look at her you’d never know
What lies beneath her diminishing glow

For under the facade is a woman in pain
Though she’ll never let you glimpse the truth that remains

When you see her in the monotony of life
The face she reveals barely keeps her alive

What’s down in the depths of her broken shell
Are many at odds faces she has hidden so well

Each face is weighed down in a feeling so pure
Each feeling ignored cause she cannot be sure

Be sure if the right one will turn up in good Fatih
And present to the world the appropriate face

If you look at each face to see what is there
At first you’ll see nothing, not a thing, it is bare

You need to look closely and squint just a bit
For what you see now she will never admit

There is hurt, there is sorrow, many more such as this
All the misery and pain have taken over her bliss

She wants you to see what her faces betray
Catch glimpse of the woman she is guarded to display

These faces of hers compose all parts of her being
If she’ll only allow them to come out and be freeing

But there they will stay hidden beneath the façade
For showing her faces is insanely too hard

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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