This Body Of Mine

I hated my body for years. Despised it.

It was fat and ugly. How could I love something as awful as that?

This poem reflects those feelings and how I have been able to turn them around.

Love for our bodies has almost been ridiculed as well. Self-deprecation seems to be preferred.

I want all you amazing women to know that it is ok to love your body as it is right now.

Hating it only leaves you feeling powerless and destroyed. That’s no way to live.

Do you feel like that is even possible? To love your body as it is right now??

Tell me about it. Let us know what it is like to be you in your body. We all have a story to share. Share it.

Listen. Learn. Love.

As I sit and reflect on the decades of my life
There is hope in my heart, where once there was strife

My body has always been something to despair
It was fat, it was ugly, no room left to care

The struggle I felt everyday when I woke
The pain and the torture, eternally broke

I could not move away from what I believed deep inside
That this body must forever conceal and hide

Out in the world I felt so ashamed
Cause my body had grown, no longer restrained

As my flesh expanded into something obscene
Each look I was given exposed disgusted and mean

I cried tears on the inside to remain hard and tough
Yet, I hated them all cause I wasn’t enough

Why wasn’t my body ok to be seen?
How dare you decide what is right, what is lean

You diminished my body, my life and myself
I allowed you to dictate my worth, my wealth

I was always worth every luxury of life, I can see that now
I will never again give you power, that is my vow

For this body of mine deserves an abundance of love
I will cherish you always, over and above

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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