Unspoken Words

There are many words left unspoken.

Some of them need to remain that way as they are filled with anger or frustration or they are just not very nice.

Then there are those words that want to come out. Words that are full of love and kindness but they feel foreign and uncomfortable so they stay stuck inside.

Have you ever felt this way about your words? Do you still feel this way? are you longing to speak words of love but love does not feel easy to you?

Share with us if you are ready to.


There is no love outside of you greater than the love inside of you.

Listen. Learn. Love.

The unspoken words lurk beneath the surface
Circling like sharks ready to strike

Her unspoken words feel like venom inside her
Poisoning her mind, poisoning her body

The poison seeps into every action
A quick strike on an unsuspecting victim

Those unspoken words are held deep within her
Consuming what is left of her joy and her love

It seems hopeless to think her unspoken words will ever find peace

They are sharp
They are jagged

A poisoned tipped blade

She holds the blade ready to harm
For her words will not come out right

There are words deep inside her she wants so badly to say
Yet, those words cannot see the warmth of the day

For those words are her truth she’s too sacred to speak
For those words land on ears that don’t want to hear

She’s not heard, she’s ignored

She falls down to her knees
She looks up and she pleads to the heavens above

Let these unspoken words leave me be, go away

The poison tipped blade cuts her immensely
More than anyone who feels the stab of its tip

There is more deep within her than she can ever imagine
A place forever secure from the spread of the poison

An untouchable force full of love, full of joy
If only she knew it was there for her taking

Her unspoken words cannot hold all the power any longer
They are causing too much pain. Too much anger

There is a way to release these unspoken words
For tomorrow is a new day and those words are ready to be liberated

Bring forth the freedom of the unspoken words
Love them and leave them

Pay no mind to the force they once were
Those unspoken words now rest in another land

No words will ever undo her again
She is the power and her words have purpose

She will speak them with love
Bring them into the light

Her unspoken words may not always be spoken
Yet, those words land exactly where they need to be heard

Those words within have importance about them
Giving hope to herself and those about her

She forgives those unspoken words with love
It’s time to release them

She now speaks words that have meaning and love
Forever held to her truth

Those unspoken words are no longer like poison
She’s content with her words, peace now holds the power

Raising Love
Listen. Learn. Love

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