Where did my fat go?

Losing weight is a serious business. We eat healthy, we work out and we do almost whatever it takes to GET. THAT. FAT. OFF!

But have you ever wondered where the fat actually goes?

It isn’t something that has crossed my mind even though I have been trying to get rid of my fat for decades. I’ve never really stopped to consider what actually happens to the fat inside my fat cells. All I knew was that I wanted it to GO AWAY. Forever!

So, where does it go?

A study conducted by Ruben Meerman and Andrew J Brown from the University of Sydney discovered the true metabolic process our bodies go through when it gets rid of excess fat. 

We have all heard of the saying “energy in/energy out”, meaning we must physically work off the same amount of calories we have put in throughout the day. But to lose weight we must consume fewer calories in order for the weight to be burnt off. Many health professionals and experts have always believed fat was converted into energy or heat then turned into muscle or excreted in our faeces. However, Meerman and Brown debunk this misconception to reveal the real science behind where our fat really goes.

Would you believe me if I told you you breathe your fat out? And you also pee, poo, cry and sweat your fat out of your body? It’s so fascinating what our bodies actually do that we have no idea about.

So, here is the science. Fat is converted into carbon dioxide and water, which means the primary source for fat loss is your lungs. This also explains why breathing hard during a workout helps fat to disappear.

Each person’s metabolic rate at rest will expel different amounts of carbon dioxide depending on how much they weigh, their muscle mass and other factors; but everything we do during our day such as sleep, eat, walk, work, exercise and sit on the couch determines how much more carbon dioxide is released by the total exertion we put our bodies through. 

For example, if a 70kg person breathes 12 breaths per minute they have expelled approximately 200 ml of CO2 , meaning 8.9 mg of carbon is released through each breath. If this person exercised for 1 hour during the day then they will increase their metabolic rate seven times than when they are resting. If they were jogging then an additional 39 g of carbon is removed increasing the total by about 20% to 240 g. Reiterating the importance of movement.

This proves we must ditch the saying “calories in/calories out” and work towards “eat less, move more”. However, the importance of the quality of your food is essential to overall health. Not just weight loss. Please read my article ‘Feast or Famine’ to find out more.

You may now be asking “If I breathe more will this help to lose the weight without diet and exercise?”. Unfortunately, the answer to that is NO. Ultimately you will make yourself woozy and dizzy by trying to breathe more every minute. Our bodies are not so easily fooled.

Here are my 5 best tips for releasing your fat:

  1. Move as much as you can on a daily basis. Aiming for at least 30 minutes of moderate to high workouts to get that metabolic rate amped up. Combine cardio and strength training for optimum results.
  2. Eat nutritious, fresh foods you have made yourself for the majority of your meals each day. This ensures you are getting the best nutrients to fuel your body as well as providing essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your cells.
  3. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Not stuffed. Allow your body to once again recognise these important signals.
  4. Clear your mind of any negativity surrounding your body. It may not be the body you want right now but you have the power within you to shape yourself into the person you long to be.
  5. Live your life RIGHT NOW the way you have always dreamed. Don’t wait until you are 5kg lighter, 20kg lighter. You deserve to go after your dream life NOW.


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