Yikes!!! My shirt’s a bit tight

So, I have put on about 5 kilos in the last 4-5 months. I didn’t even realise until I put a shirt on one day and thought “oops. That’s a bit tight”. Eek. It happens so easily doesn’t it? Life is moving along, you think you’re eating well but suddenly your clothes are getting snug.

I have my ideas as to why this has happened.

  1. A few months ago my daughter stopped breastfeeding. She is nearly 3. I was able to lose most of the baby weight through breastfeeding and because i was still doing (only a few times a day) it I was burning up some extra fuel, which kept my weight somewhat under control.
  2. I was eating mostly great food but i was indulging in homemade treats a bit too often. What I was making was healthy but just because they are healthy for you does not mean you eat 3 or 4 servings in one day.
  3. There was an unexpected tragedy in our family a few months ago. It took our little family by surprise and we were (and still are!!) heartbroken. I have spent my life being an emotional eater. Although I can control it most of the time these days sometimes my emotions take over and I lose my way and don’t think straight. If I want some chocolate or chips then no matter what my head is telling me I am going to eat them anyway. This awful event caused me to shift away from my healthy eating while I dealt with it. I am still dealing with it but I have redirected my sadness into my work, my health and of course my family.
  4. Focusing on my new business adventure. I love what I am trying to achieve. I want to spend every spare minute working on my ideas. This comes with a price, though. And that price is my eating habits. I will eat a nutritious breakfast and dinner but lunch is my downfall. I will grab whatever is quick and easy so I get as much time as I can to create while my daughter is asleep. This, though, is not beneficial to my health overall.

And, what am I doing about it now? Lots :-))

1. I have written myself an eating and exercise plan. This includes making the time to cook extra food for lunch that I can access easily as well as keeping smoothie/juice bags in the freezer which I am able to whiz up quickly. The food I eat isn’t fancy. I love simple home cooking with beautiful, quality ingredients that everyone will enjoy. I eat until I am satisfied, not bursting at the seams; and eating good food doesn’t require counting calories.

2. I have made time to workout. Maybe not everyday but as much as I can during the week. I have given myself permission to take 30-40 minutes 4-5 times a week to focus on my physical health. I am one of those nutters who really enjoys exercise and am addicted to the way it makes me feel day-in and day-out. The energy I have when I have been eating well and exercising is phenomenal. I literally bounce around all day. I love feeling this way.

3. My emotional eating has passed. Although, my whole being is heartbroken over the sudden loss we experienced I won’t fill the void with food. If I do it is food that is going to nourish me and keep me thinking straight. Life will always give us sad and awful moments but when we use food to deal with them it only makes matters worse; because in the end we feel bad physically from the crap we have given our body. You eat crap you feel like crap. And when we are grieving we already feel like crap.

4. Although I am still using every spare second I can to create an informative and educational platform to share my knowledge and ideas, I am giving myself time to focus on something just as important. My health. And this is the reason I am here in the first place. Health. Of, not only me, but of you. And your family. The idealistic self wants everyone to feel as amazing as I do because of the food choices I am making for myself and for the daily exercise I give my body. Together they create a strong alliance which in turn creates a stronger, better you.

The purpose of me sharing this little story is to help you should you find yourself in a similar situation. It isn’t too late. You don’t have to keep on the same path. You can find your feet and manoeuvre them in any direction you choose. You can give yourself the life you are looking for as none of us are perfect. We have good days and we have bad days (or weeks, months etc). Keep going. Don’t stop moving. And, most importanly, remember you are worthy of being who you choose to be.

Eat Colourful. Live Colourful.

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